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Nag Champa incense
40 grams for only $2.59


Welcome to Live

I encourgage you to browse the site from above and from the right.

Above you will find on each page an introduction to popular interest regarding our plants. Reviews from people just like you. The different payment methods we accept. A view cart button so you can update and view your cart at any time. A thorough discussion on why buy live plants from visionary And of course a detailed description of your guarantee regarding quality shipping and refunds. As well as contact information for anything you feel that we left out.
We like to stay in touch so please feel free to email us at Please bother us at the nursery as well by emailing us at

To the right you will find an array of world famous plants that are rare, beautiful and genetically gifted. Just take a look into the nursery and get a load of the stock we have on hand 365 days a year. We also provide you with some of the most useful guides videos and books as well as hydroponic systems and accessories. And if the mood needs to be set please pick from a popular selection of incense. Please visit the link page and check out our link trades. We hand pick these links to suit your interest.

Videos detailing the growing process you will be a part of when growing these plants is in production now and will be offered to you exlusively from and all parties involved.

We are interested in the preservation of these rare plants. It is through the efforts of a combined force that allows us to put a plant into the home of every one concerned with their proper cultivation. Don't just voice your opinion exercise your rights and become proactive.
Your right to have these plants in your home is at risk. Show everyone that these rare beautiful plants are not a threat. They are a part of not only our health but are a deep rooted part of a culture that is more and more forgotten every year. Please do not abuse your rights. Remember that just watching these plants thrive is much more important than whatever else one could do with them. There are many uses that do not put your rights in jeopardy. We will do our best to educate you in this respect over time.

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