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Nag Champa incense
40 grams for only $2.59



Fully Developed Psychotria viridis
Potted Plants. (Chacruna)
Grown in Hawaii
Allow 2-4 weeks before plants ship!
We cannot ship plants outside the USA.

2 month old psychotria plant Psychotria Viridis potted Plant 6 months old
Multiple potted Psychotira Viridis plants

2 months old Psychotria Viridis potted cuttings in one pot.

6 months old Psychotria Viridis potted plant

Several 2 months old Psychotria
Viridis potted plants in one pot.
 Item Description:

 Item Price:


 1 month old
Psychotria Viridis
 Rooted cutting

Quantity of 1    $26
Quantity of 2    $45
Quantity of 3    $65
Quantity of 5    $100

During the colder months you will need to add this heat pack to ensure that your plant does not get too cold during shipment.


 3 months old
Psychotria Viridis
 Leaf bearing plant

Quantity of 1  
Quantity of 2    $65
Quantity of 3    $85
Quantity of 5    $130

During the colder months you will need to add this heat pack to ensure that your plant does not get too cold during shipment.


IF you are curious to what you are getting when you buy a live plant or cutting from then please check out the Your Guarantee link and the Live Plants link above.
ALL plants are shipped with 60 hour hot packs during the cold winter months to ensure that you get a strong warm plant on arrival.

The Live Psychotria Viridis Plant.
This plant is most revered for the contribution it makes in the famouse Ayahuasca brew that the indians have prepared during spiritual journeys for hundreds if not thousands of years. Yet, known and witnessed by few are the amazing healing powers the Psychotria Viridis live plants possess. I have heard accounts of people being healed from fatal sickness however, our plants are only sold for landscaping or ornamental purposes. Plant something exotic in your garden rather than a common bush or hedge. The leaves on the PV are large and thick and provide the same or better appearance than most shrubs when trimmed properly.

If you think you can grow this plant from a seed then I suggest you start now. Success is few and far between. Taking a cutting is no easy task either. Why not start right here with a live plant taking from a cutting from the man who knows how to do it. Our grower lived as a shaman in the jungles with the Shamans for over 10 years and was taught a method of cutting these plants that leaves other growers eating his dust. Handpicked from only the strongest genetic strain. We have plants that thrive when treated with the proper care and only then do we take cuttings. These cuttings are rooted for over three weeks with a special method to ensure large strong roots. Large strong roots and good genetics are what you look for when picking out a good Psychotria Viridis plant or plants, which ever you prefer.
Don't want to start off with a fresh live growing cutting because you want to jump into a large already developed plant. Then go ahead and do just that with one of our already mature specimens that are a full six months to a year old. Cuttings from this plant are hard to take successfully but no need to worry. We have all the plants you need. Just take a look at these wonderful plants below and make your selection



Live Visionary plants and cuttings
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